Tips On Selling

The  way you present your property for sale is crucial.  Historically we sell our properties in W.A. around every 7-10 years. Whatever your motive for selling, the process can either be stress free and lucrative or tense and disappointing. The good news is we are here to provide the assistance in the art of presenting and selling your property.
The reasons for selling sometimes do not go hand in hand with perfect timing. However, there are some important points you may wish to consider that will make the selling process smoother.
Our best advice is to think like a buyer and try to be objective when preparing your property for sale:- Be the Best! Investing in a few key areas of your property can make not only the sale process quicker, but achieve the very best sales prices by removing as many “Buyer Objections” as possible.
We have access to a team of specialists who make this seemingly daunting task a pleasure.  From cleaning, styling, surveying, building maintenance and gardeners at the pre- sale stage.  To settlement agents/lawyers and removalists post settlement. We provide a comprehensive checklist to assist in this process.
When it comes to selling your property, there are three popular methods to choose from:
Private Treaty (Sale) 
Public Auction 
Public Tender
Each has its own advantages and it is advisable to speak to your agent about the benefits of each method. 

Tips On Selling : Dempsey Real Estate

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