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Karrinyup was derived from the title of a local swamp, "Careniup", which is an Aboriginal word meaning "the place where bush kangaroos graze". It was modified to its present form by the Lake Karrinyup Country Club in 1929. Many of the blocks were sold over the next ten years but no roads were built and few houses constructed. Development of a golf course began in the late 1920's on land previously owned by Maley. For many years, the Lake Karrinyup Country Club was the only significant development in the area. Rapid growth in Karrinyup did not begin until 1957, when the 1904 subdivision was redesigned to allow extensive residential development.

The dominant form of dwelling within Karrinyup is the single detached residence. The western sector of the suburb also contains a substantial number of duplex and unit developments. Most of the houses in Karrinyup are relatively modern, though the prolonged period of development has resulted in a range of styles from various eras. Many of the homes within the suburb are of two storeys and the vast majority are of brick and tile construction.

The Karrinyup Shopping Centre provides the commercial focus for the suburb and contains a wide range of retail services. The area also hosts many parks and reserves, including both a public and private golf course. The Lake Karrinyup Country Club is located to the north east of the suburb, while the Hamersley Golf Course is situated on the western border of Karrinyup. Numerous parks and reserves offer additional active and passive recreational facilities. Karrinyup contains several public and private primary schools, as well as Scarborough Senior High School and Saint Mary's Anglican Girls' School. The local population is also provided with a community centre and library.